Lýdia Jergušová-Vydarená

Slovenská verzia

In the series Codes or Coded Messages, the artist explored the same motif in different contexts and offered the viewers alternatives of viewing the same external form expressed each time in a different internal content. The artist explores the possibilities of ambiguous interpretations of symbols which the communities in different continents and life conditions create as totems, trademarks, signs of good and evil subordinated to the incomprehensibility of the sense of life.

Fire (2007, digital print, 120×100cm)


Morning (2007, digital print, 120×100cm)


Portrait I, II (2007, silkscreen, 90×100cm)

Portrait I, II

Sexual Potency (2007, silkscreen + digital print, 110×210cm)

Sexual Potency

Cyborg 1a (2008, silkscreen, 100×80cm)

Cyborg 1a

Cyborg 2b (2008, silkscreen, 100×80cm)

Cyborg 2b